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Thanks from the bottom of our sea.

Alwin Hylkema.

Marine biologist

Alwin studying tropical marine ecosystems in 2011 and even in those few years he saw coral reef degrading. He decided to dedicate his research to sustaining and improving the reef we still have. For his PhD, he studied different artificial reef designs. His key contribution to MOREEF is the ecological and practical knowledge where the design is based on.

Quirine Hakkaart.

Environmental biologist & teacher

In 2009, Quirine started diving in Australia and fell in love with the beauty of coral reefs and their inhabitants. In the past eleven years she got the chance to dive in many different places around the world. Quirine spreads the word about the project by creating social media content.

Frank Westland.

Industrial Product Designer & CEO Wortel Design

While traveling through New Zealand at the age of 20, Frank experienced the beauty of nature and the need for its protection. As a young product engineer, he realized that the products we create can have a huge impact. Together with Alwin and his design agency Wortel, he spent months designing the strong, stackable system MOREEF is today.

Maarten Tap.

Industrial Product Designer

In 2019, Maarten graduated at the Rotterdam University and started designing all kind of products, especially sustainable ones. After the first artificial reef design was created, he joined the MOREEF project to develop it further. Maarten combines his technical knowledge and skills to improve MOREEF.

Wortel Product Design.

Van Hall Larenstein University.

Onze community.

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